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        Hi! Welcome to Huajin Group website http://www.msjkj.com

        Huajin group which commenced operations in 2005 is a leading cold rolled carbon steel and its downstream products processor in Guangdong Province now, and was recognized as high and new technology enterprises in the PRC. Huajin Group mainly produces high-quality cold-rolled steel...     More>

        Up to the time of Jan 1st. 2018, Huajin group has 14 high speed and high precision slitting lines and 5 high speed and high precision cross-cutting lines.

        Our strategic partners have a fleet of around 100 delivery vehicles, including heavy tractors and heavy truck.

        • Brilliant Decade
          History and business experience more than ten years in the processing industrial.
        • Annual capacity of 750,000mt
          We are the largest cold-rolled carbon steel processors in Guangdong Province
        • Strategic Partners
          Huajin group has established sincere cooperation relationship with thousands of customers during the past decade.
        • Bright Future
          Huajin International Holdings Limited was successfully listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2016.

        Huajin Group

        Huajin Metal:Xinsha Industrial Zone, Muzhou Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China
        Tel.:+86-750-6538888 / 6506888
        Fax.:+86-750-6531188 / 6538990